Abolfazl Asudeh*

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois Chicago
InDex Lab

*: I am known as "Abol"; my legal name is "Adam Asudeh".


851 S. Morgan St., 11th Floor SEO, Room 1131, Chicago, IL 60607
☏: (312) 413-8028 ✉: asudeh[AT]uic[DOT]edu

A. Asudeh is an assistant professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois Chicago and the director of Innovative Data Exploration Laboratory (InDeX Lab). He is a VLDB Ambassador, the VLDB Endowment’s Liaison to NSF, a Senior IEEE member, and a regular PC member of Database flagship venues.
His research spans to different aspects of Big Data and Data Science, including Data Management, Information Retrieval, and Data Mining, for which he designs efficient, accurate, and scalable algorithmic solutions. Data Equity Systems, Algorithmic Fairness, and Data-centric Responsible AI are his major focus in research. His research interest also includes: Ranking, Social Networks Analysis, Large-Scale Computation on Limited Resources, Computational Fact Checking, Data management for Machine Learning, Web Databases, and applied Computational Geometry.
His research has received awards and recognitions, including the Google Research Scholar award, the Communications of the ACM's Research Highlight, “Best of VLDB” -- the special issue of VLDBJ, SIGMOD 2019 Research Highlight Award, and SIGMOD 2017 Reproducibility Award.
* For more details, please see InDeX Lab's publications and projects.

Recent (2024) Publications (see publications for the complete list)

  • NSF IIS-2107290 (2021 - 2024): III: Medium: Collaborative Research: Fairness in Web Database Applications. Abolfazl Asudeh (Lead PI - UIC), H. V. Jagadish (UofM), and Gautam Das and Shirin Nilizadeh (UTA). $1M (UIC portion: $292K).
  • Google Research Scholar Award (2021 - 2022): An end-to-end system for detecting cherry-picked trendlines. Abolfazl Asudeh. $60K.