InDex Lab


851 S. Morgan St., 11th Floor SEO, Room 1131, Chicago, IL 60607
☏: (312) 996-4860 ✉: asudeh[AT]uic[DOT]edu

I am an assistant professor at the Computer Science department of the University of Illinois at Chicago and the director of Innovative Data Exploration Laboratory (InDeX Lab). My research spans to different aspects of Big Data Exploration and Data Science, including data management, information retrieval, and data mining, for which I aim to find efficient, accurate, and scalable algorithmic solutions.
Responsible Data Science and Algorithmic Fairness is my current focus in research. Besides, my research intersects with topics such as ranking and top-k query processing, compact data representatives, machine learning, web databases, knowledge graphs, and signal reconstruction at scale.
I mainly publish in SIGMOD, VLDB, and ICDE. My research have received awards and recognitions, including Google Research Scholar award, the Communications of the ACM's Reserach Highlight, “Best of VLDB” -- the special issue of VLDBJ, SIGMOD 2019 Research Highlight Award, and SIGMOD 2017 Reproducibility Award.
I shared my thoughts about "Enabling Responsible Data Science in Practice" in a blog post in the ACM SIGMOD Blog.


Prospective Students
Every year, I look for a small number of motivated, smart, and hard-working PhD students. In particular, I am looking for students with background/interest in finding algorithmic solutions for data problems. That is, you should have a strong background in algorithms and data science. You also need to have outstanding programming skills. If you are interested, I recommend you to take a look at our lab page, recent publications, and project descriptions and vision articles. If interested and qualified, please apply here and mention my name in your application.
Due to the large number of emails, I may not be able to respond them all. If you send me an email, please attach your CV and credentials. Describe your expertise, interest, and research experience, and how those may fit to InDeX Lab.